For immigration services we are pleased to offer flat rate fees which gives you consistency and control over how much you’re going to pay. For other matters, we are happy to provide estimates in advance. A starting point would be for you to contact our firm and schedule a consultation.

Initial Consultation and Immigration Strategy Session

An initial consultation and strategy session can be invaluable to understand the immigration process better and whether you or a loved one qualifies to immigrate to Canada. Our fee for an initial consultation and strategy session starts at $300.00 plus HST CAD. We will obtain a detailed history and information about your background and provide an overview of potential immigration options as well as strategies if you do not presently qualify.

We can conduct consultations both in person in either our Charlottetown or Saint John office or by skype. By special arrangement, we may also be able to meet for an in-person consultation in Fredericton (although additional costs may apply).

Legal representation for your immigration application

We are happy to provide two fee options to better serve you:

  1. Flat rate fees

In many cases, we offer flat rate fees from start to finish. This option provides all the handholding throughout your application that you need and we will communicate with IRCC on your behalf. Many of our clients prefer flat rate fees as it provides certainty of the overall legal costs involved from beginning to end. For flat rate fee packages, we will require 50% of the overall legal fees before commencing any work. These funds are placed in our firm’s trust account and will be used to pay for our services as work is performed. The balance of our fees are due just prior to submitting the application.

2. Hourly rates

In certain situations, the client may only need limited support on an application or have several questions that need to be answered. While we will still need to do an in-depth paid consultation to obtain all the necessary information, we can offer an hourly fee structure after the consultation should the client chose. Under this option, we will provide a very detailed account of all time billed. We bill on 5 minute increments and clients will be invoiced monthly. You will be billed for all performed under this arrangement including any meetings, emails and telephone calls. A retainer will also be required before work is commenced.

What is not included in our fees

In Canada we must charge tax on legal services so if you are in Canada we will charge you tax as appropriate on our fees. Our fees also do not include disbursements (such as courier fees or photocopying), government immigration processing fees or the cost for immigration medicals.

Payment Options

For the initial retainer fee we require the payment be made by certified cheque, e-transfer , wire transfer or money order. The consultation fee and the balance of fees after work is performed may also be paid by credit card.

Funds are non-refundable

While we will work very hard for you and provide high quality legal services, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome as the decision to approve an application rests with the discretion of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. You are paying for the work performed and as such our fees are non-refundable.

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